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Wetland plants
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Dichondra repens
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Dichondra repens
Used 120 plugs, nice soft cool green carpet.

Thanks to Gary for sharing this photo!
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On 03/02/2011, Geoff Davidson said:
Great photo, Gary. It certainly shows how successful Dichondra can be as a lawn. Do you have any maintenance tips you can share here? Cheers Geoff
On 17/02/2011, Jennifer said:
Looks fab. Cool, green and best of all, NO NASTY LAWN MOWER. Cheers
On 25/02/2011, Gary Wike said:
Thanks Geoff and Jenny. I have bought a $12 electric weedeater off trademe and gone around the edges, short back and sides, still happy with it, I will wait for about a year all up until I try some weedkiller, in the meantime will just keep picking out the weeds with a screwdriver. cool.
On 26/07/2011, Steve said:
Hi Gary What area was the lawn and how did you calculate the number & plug size? Did you a particular soil base?