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Summer planting
Contrary to popular opinion, summer planting is fine as long as adequate water is provided throughout any prolonged dry periods. This allows you to take advantage of increased summer growth.
Metrosideros carminea Adult
Height: 5m;  Spread: 3m
Carmine Rata, akakura (Vine)
Cutting grown adult foliage grows like a miniature pohutukawa to flower in spring with a brilliant carmine coloured display. It will climb high into trees, but remains bushy in full sun.
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Photo gallery:
Carminea leaf detail.
Carminea seed capsule.
Metrosideros carminea in full flower, grown in pot in Christchurch.
Metrosideros carminea in full flower, grown in pot in Christchurch
..striking plant when in full flower. Nice specimens situated were they perform at their best within RMBG Melbourne..GH
..resting on Dicondra repens.
Growing tips:
On 16/12/2014, Martin Nicholls said:
It needs to be made clear that only seedling grown juvenile plants will climb. This applies to all the climbing Metrosideros species. Their preferred substrate is tree fern (like wheki or mamaku), but will grow up a stone or concrete wall. This, and M. fulgens, are perfect substitutes for ivy (Hedera helix) which is an ecological hazard and should never be grown (ivy should, at the very least, be declared a surveillance pest plant).