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Serendipitous supply
When the Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust wanted to give a gift of plants, locally sourced from Rarangi Beach, east of Blenheim, they came to Oratia. Not only could we provide an eco-sourced species, it was also a plant which had since disappeared from the region!

This is the Trust's story.

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Cardiomanes reniforme
Height: 0.1m;  Spread: 0.5m
Kidney Fern (Fern)
One of the most distinctive ground ferns in New Zealand with its kidney shaped leaves. They are very delicate and do not like wind or a dry atmosphere. Found growing on old logs or rocks in dense shade.
» Click here for our kidney fern article published in The Fringe, August 2016 ...
Photo gallery:
Poor kidney fern. Those pesky botanists have given it another name change - Cardiomanes reniforme. Variously known as Trichomanes reniforme and Hymenophyllum nephrophyllum, it seems to be one of those plants that is always being reclassified.
The fertile fronds with their spore capsules protruding.