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Planting tip
Soak the rootball of your plant in a bucket of water to wet thoroughly prior to planting. For extra goodness, add a bit of liquid fertiliser.
Coprosma propinqua
Height: 3m;  Spread: 2m
Mingimingi (Shrub)
Divaricating shrub with a range of forms, but all small-leaved. The female has blue fruit. Frequently a swamp dweller.
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Photo gallery:
This form of Coprosma propinqua is from Mt Arthur in NW Nelson.
Some forms have red or black fruit.
Blue fruit of Coprosma propinqua, Diamond Lake, Wanaka
Bellbird feeding on the berries of Coprosma propinqua. Planting Coprosmas are a good way to encourage birdlife into the garden.
Ileostylus micranthus is a mistletoe commonly found on totara trees and sometimes on Coprosma grandifolia and Coprosma propinqua. Its bright orange fruit are very attractive to birds.
Thanks to Dr Melissa Hutchison for allowing us to use this photo in one of our published articles
Coprosma propinqua with the mistletoe, Ileostylis micranthus, growing on it along the roadside at Miranda near the Bird Centre.