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Coprosma acerosa
Height: 0.4m;  Spread: 1m
Ground Cover
Sprawling coastal plant with wiry orange branches and small green leaves. Rapidly becoming endangered as sanddunes are developed or grazed.Varying colours from different eco-sourced plants.
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Photo gallery:
The tangled form of Sand Coprosma.
Fruit colour can vary but the stunning ice blue is most attractive.
Growing tips:
On 25/02/2010, Robyn Oratia Native Plant Nursery said:
The Coprosma acerosa, has many different looks depending on where is was sourced from. They can be a tight matted form from Northland, slightly reddish form from Wellington, yellow/orange sprawling form from Karekare or yellow/orange taller 20 - 30cm. form from Motukaraka Island. They do however all spread approximately 1 metre.