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Summer planting
Contrary to popular opinion, summer planting is fine as long as adequate water is provided throughout any prolonged dry periods. This allows you to take advantage of increased summer growth.
Ixerba brexioides
Height: 4m;  Spread: 2m
Tawari (Tree)
Temperamental. Very slow growing! Attractive foliage and large white flowers (summer).
» Click here for our Ixerba brexioides article published in The Fringe, June 2016 ...
Photo gallery:
Photo taken last Dec. Ruakumara Ranges East Cape
Tawhari flower Urewera N.P. Dec 09
Growing tips:
On 16/12/2014, Martin Nicholls said:
Like Alseuosmia spp. this species may prove to be dependent on correct soil micorrhizae associations to grow well. It is a tree strictly of the rainforest understorey and does not grow in ordinary garden soil or normal horticultural conditions. To grow it well it pays to think outside the square and pay close attention to its habitat and ecology. Doing this will reward the grower as it is not as slow-growing as is assumed. It requires perfect drainage, but constant soil moisture, and shelter. However, it is perfectly frost-hardy (at least in my experience). Does best in very humus-rich soils. Well worth the effort for all sorts of reasons and a rare prize in the garden.