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Wetland plants
Did you know wetland plants make excellent water filters? If you need to clean up stormwater runoff, or provide a buffer against flooding, give us a call.
Metrosideros excelsa
Height: 12m;  Spread: 8m
Pohutukawa (Tree)
Red flowers at Christmas time. Frost tender as juvenile. Extremely tough in coastal conditions on dry rocky shores.
» Click here for our Metrosideros excelsa published in the Titirangi Tatler, August 2011...
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Photo gallery:
The quintessential symbol of Christmas holidays for all New Zealanders...
A different take on the classic Pohutukawa flower...
Metrosideros excelsa flower.
Mature tree on the Port Hills, Christchurch.
Metrosideros excelsa
Pohutukawa and bee from Kaikoura in the South Island.
The 'icon'. From a street lined with pohutukawa in Williamstown Melbourne - all flower well.
A very pale orange pohutukawa at Long Bay Park. Is this a 'common' form..?
These three pohutukawas grown at our home site are being settled into their new home where they provide instant screening from the 2-storeyed house on the opposite side of the roadway. See May 2011 Update for further details.
A magnificent specimen of Metrosideros excelsa growing in Wellington's Oriental Bay
Metrosideros excelsa growing on the coast at Plimmerton north of Wellington
A yellow pohutakawa in full bloom from the 30Nov2012 (Epsom, AKL). It makes a fantastic show both in bloom, and once all the flowers fall to the footpath.
Yellow Pohutukawa close-up, 30Nov2012, Epsom AKL.