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Plant propagation
It is preferable to propagate plants by seeds rather than cuttings or by division. This ensures maximum genetic diversity is maintained.

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Pterostylis banksii
Height: 0.4m;  Spread: 0.1m
Tutukiwi (Herb)
Our largest Green Hood Orchid. Prone to pests and may prove difficult to establish. Not easy to keep in stock so avaiIability is limited.
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Photo gallery:
Pterostylis banksii with labellum (tongue) awaiting an insect.
Pterostylis banksii with labellum (tongue) flicked back once triggered by an insect.
Pterostylis agathicola is a much smaller orchid that flowers a little earlier than P. banksii and is found only in the leaf litter under kauri trees.
This little grove of orchids shows the first one in mature form with the others just beginning to appear and develop.