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Summer planting
Contrary to popular opinion, summer planting is fine as long as adequate water is provided throughout any prolonged dry periods. This allows you to take advantage of increased summer growth.
Rhabdothamnus solandri
Height: 1.5m;  Spread: 1.5m
Waiu-atua, Matata (Shrub)
Shady rock-face dwelling shrub with a sprawling habit. Frost tender. Yellow-orange flowers.
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Photo gallery:
Christchurch Feb 09
Dunn's Bush, Puhoi
Dunn's Bush, Puhoi.
Dunn's Bush, Puhoi.
Growing tips:
On 16/12/2014, Martin Nicholls said:
This is one of our most beautiful and special shrubs, our only member of the gloxinia family. Easy to grow in shaded areas and tolerates dry soils. Easy to raise from seed sown on the surface of a mix of half seed-raising mix and river sand. However, it is pollinated by hihi and bellbird so seldom sets viable seed in the garden. Hand-pollinate older flowers (whose stigma have become exserted) with pollen from younger flowers. Not at all frost-hardy.