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Selliera radicans
Height: 0.03m;  Spread: 2m
Ground Cover
Strap-like, bright green foliage develops lush, carpet-like lawns that never need mowing. Ideal for small areas. White scented flowers (summer). Drench with salt water to control weeds.
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Selliera radicans makes a superb lawn which never needs mowing. Feed it well with nitrogen rich fertiliser and spray weeds with salt water to keep a healthy and weed free lawn.
With its luxuriant velvety texture, Selliera radicans makes an ideal surround for pools.
From Kaikora Dec 08
Growing tips:
On 16/04/2009, Oratia Native Plant Nursery said:
Achtung! When ordering your Selliera radicans it pays to specify which form you want. particularly if you are matching an existing form. The Farewell Spit form is large round leaved and chunky. Matapouri Bay form is small linear-leaved and flattish. while the 'commonl' unsourced form is long linear leaved and erect like a shag-pile carpet.