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Plant purchases direct from this website are thriving. It is convenient, saves travelling to ONPN, and can be done 24/7. Here is the response of a recent client:

"Thank you very much. My cordylines arrived today :) I am very impressed with your prompt service and the quality of my new babies.

I will definitely order plants from you in the future.

Thanks again, Courtney"
Urtica ferox
Height: 3m;  Spread: 2m
Ongaonga (Shrub)
Stinging nettle. Approach with gloves on! Can be grown to attract admiral butterflies. Will not tolerate drying out. Fast growing and attractive.
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Photo gallery:
Planted Urtica ferox and the Admirals came...!
One of my favourites, this one produces some excellent foliage(!) during the spring. Takes a bit of a hammering from the lacy-wings over summer but always recovers bigger and stronger each year. This specimen is about 4-5yo now. (20Sep2015)
I purchased this from you and it us now well populated with Red and Yellow admiral caterpillars. This is a very urbanised part of 
This is of one of my seedlings of this plant very young seed leaves