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Wetland plants
Did you know wetland plants make excellent water filters? If you need to clean up stormwater runoff, or provide a buffer against flooding, give us a call.
Xeronema callistemon forma callistemon
Height: 0.8m;  Spread: 0.8m
Raupo-taranga (Flax)
Lush green leaves. Red flower spike (spring). Requires good drainage. Coastal. Drench with diluted salt water.
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Photo gallery:
Xeronema approx 7 to 8 years in full flower - 30 spikes
Xeronema callistemon flowering in Wellington
Xeronema callistemon flowering in Wellington
Xeronema with Coprosma acerosa growing around it. Not the time of year for spectacular flower spikes, but these leaf blades gave a fine sculptural effect instead.
Growing tips:
On 01/10/2016, Russell Ogilvy said:
I have a question rather than tip. Do Xeronema (Poor Knights Lily) have to be planted into pots or can they be put into the ground
On 16/10/2016, Geoff Davidson said:
Hi Russell Yes they can be put into the ground, but they must be given totally free drainage. Lots of rocks or just bury the pot and ensure no water can drain into it. Geoff