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Internet Purchases
Plant purchases direct from this website are thriving. It is convenient, saves travelling to ONPN, and can be done 24/7. Here is the response of a recent client:

"Thank you very much. My cordylines arrived today :) I am very impressed with your prompt service and the quality of my new babies.

I will definitely order plants from you in the future.

Thanks again, Courtney"
PB 8
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 Product Name   Pot Size   Price   Buy Now 
 Pennantia baylisiana  PB 8   $100.00 
 Agathis australis  PB 8   $32.00 
 Anisotome lyallii  PB 8   $32.00 
 Baumea complanata  PB 8   $32.00 
 Beilschmiedia tawa  PB 8   $32.00 
 Collospermum microspermum  PB 8   $32.00 
 Dicranopteris linearis var. linearis  PB 8   $32.00 
 Elingamita johnsonii  PB 8   $32.00 
 Halocarpus bidwillii Juvenile  PB 8   $32.00 
 Microsorum pustulatum subsp. pustulatum  PB 8   $32.00 
 Ptisana salicina  PB 8   $32.00 
 Rhopalostylis sapida  PB 8   $32.00 
 Scandia geniculata  PB 8   $32.00 
 Ascarina lucida  PB 8   $20.00 
 Asplenium Maori Princess  PB 8   $20.00 
 Asplenium bulbiferum X lamprophyllum  PB 8   $20.00 
 Asplenium lyallii  PB 8   $20.00 
 Asplenium shuttleworthianum  PB 8   $20.00 
 Asplenium x lucrosum  PB 8   $20.00 
 Astelia chathamica  PB 8   $20.00 
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Displaying 1 to 20 (of 138 items)