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Plant grades and bag sizes
There is always confusion as to the size and grade of plants but the following notes may help. The height of the plant does not always correlate with bag size - it varies depending on species and the length of time the plant has been potted into a particular bag.

The commonly used soft plastic bags have been around for a long time and were first introduced when pints were still the measurement for volume. Accordingly, our standard grade plant in a PB3 (3 pint bag) has a root system contained in 3 pints of soil mix. The height and age of the plant will vary considerably depending on the species but you could generally expect a plant about 30 - 60 cm tall (one to two foot tall in old measurements).

The PB3 equivalent volume is 1.7 litres and the hard plastic pot equivalent might be either a 1.5 litre or 2 litre pot. Similarly, for each grade of PB we use there will be an equivalent hard pot measured in litres.

Our standard sizes are PB3, PB5, PB8, PB12, PB18, PB40, PB95. The PB95 is similar to a very large bucket, the plant is likely to be 1.5 - 2 metres tall and one man can generally carry it.

Larger grades then go into 75, 80 or 100 litre carry-bags which will require 2 or more people to carry them.

The smaller grades normally used for revegetation jobs are in a variety of containers.
ET or Envirotubes are trays of 32 or 50 cells in each (please note prices are per cell, not per tray).
RT refers to root-trainers in folding books of 4 cells per book.
Tubes come in two grades: 5cm or 7cm square.
PB 0.75 (PB3/4) is a plastic bag with three-quarters of a pint of mix.

Simple really! But if in doubt, please ask us.