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Unfortunately, Oratia Native Plant Nursery has now closed down. For further information, click here.

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The greenies are clearing native trees!

Yes, it's true. The "environmentalists" at Oratia Native Plant Nursery are clearing native trees! And not just trees. We're clearing native shrubs and flaxes too.

To make room for the new season's stock, selected surplus stock from last year is being cleared at prices below wholesale.

These hardy plants may not be as pretty as the new season's stock, but give them a good home and they will reward you with a burst of autumn growth.

Home gardeners, landscapers, developers and those involved in revegetation projects can all benefit from this opportunity. These plants have survived the summer in pots. Give them the chance to show their true form.

You can rescue them from Easter Saturday until May 2nd.
(We do not open on Sundays or Statutory Holidays).

So for those of you in Auckland this Easter, a visit to Oratia could be worthwhile. And while you're out this way, why not check out our local market, vineyards and cafés, too?

PS - Bring a copy of this email and receive a $10 discount on any order over $100