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November 2009

What's News?

- oops!
- bonsai workshop
- gift packs of native plants
- photo of the month
- communication problems
- rain
- thanks


Poor proof-reading has one great advantage - it lets you know that some people really do read your newsletters!

Thanks to those who pointed out our error in the date of our forthcoming

Bonsai workshop with John Lyall
A number of people have asked whether we would be running any more bonsai workshops. We're pleased to announce the answer is YES!

Leading NZ artist John Lyall has agreed to hold another of his popular and informative hands-on workshops on Saturday 14 November from 2 - 4pm. (This is the correct date now!)

Come and learn how stunning some of our native plants can look as bonsai specimens. The cost is $55, and you'll get three different plants to work on and take home afterwards.

The feedback we receive after these classes is amazing, so to find out more, go to:

Gift Packs of native plants:

For connoisseurs and plant-lovers we now have three new gift packs:

A 6-pack of special plants contains plants with a story, many of them critically endangered in their natural environment.

A 6-pack of special ferns contains a variety of delightful ferns. Contrary to popular belief, ferns grow in a wide variety of habitats and most homes or business environments will have a spot in which these carefully selected species will thrive.

A 2-pack of seedling trees emphasises the Christmas theme. These plants have the potential to become forest trees, but are capable of giving great pleasure in suitable containers for many years to come.

All plants are in biodegradable pots and come in handy carry-cartons together with information sheets and instructions.

Here is the solution to your Christmas present dilemma. Check the details with the link:

Photo of the month:

Arthropodium cirratumCongratulations to Steve Bayley, whose stunning photo of Arthropodium cirratum is displayed on our website's homepage this month.

Those who check out our website from time to time will have noticed that each month the leading photograph changes.

If you have a favourite photograph (particularly if it is of a plant currently photo-less), share it with the rest of us and be in to win the monthly prize. You may win it next month, or you may win it in a couple of years. Our last few prizes have been for old photos of plants currently in flower, much to the delight of the photographers who uploaded them a year or more ago and had long since given up hope of winning anything!

Communication problems:

Apologies to those of you who have had difficulty contacting us recently.

'Clever' technology is great when it works, but when your provider decides it is no longer worth providing the satellite link from a tower on top of the Waitakeres that both your internet connection and your phones depend on, life becomes a little interesting.

Just when we thought we had it sorted, a very widespread power cut came along and caused it to fall over again. We sincerely hope that it doesn't re-occur!


Those of us who like growing things, in the Auckland area at least, have been rejoicing in another dose of rain to prolong the planting season. It's a pity about the fireworks, but there's nothing like good rain and warmer weather for ideal growing conditions!


As we start the run-up to Christmas, we would like to thank our customers for their continuing loyal support. Along with the rest of the world, we have not found the last year particularly easy, but we've tied up a lot of loose ends, and it feels good to have consolidated our operation.

We look forward to being able to provide you with great plants and great service well into the future.

The team at Oratia