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Unfortunately, Oratia Native Plant Nursery has now closed down. For further information, click here.

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October 2016

As we explained in September’s Update, after Christmas we'll slowly start winding down the nursery. We will still be doing business at Oratia, but it will not be “business as usual”.


Reduced opening hours:
Our plan is to continue until Christmas in our normal manner, but after that we will be reducing staff and reducing our hours of opening as we sell off our existing stock.
Opening hours over the Christmas and New Year period are still to be finalised, but once the holiday period is over the new plan is to open on Saturday and Monday (or the first day after a Statutory Holiday). Pick-ups can be arranged by appointment on other days.
We will be contactable by phone on the days we are present, and messages can be left, but emails would be the preferred means of contact on days other than Saturday and Monday.
Stock still available:
Since our last email went out, we have had a rush of customers keen to get plants before we fade into retirement. Or maybe they are just taking advantage of the continuing showery weather which plants and nurserymen love.
Numbers are steadily reducing but there is still plenty to choose from. Get in quick while you still can.
Forward orders:  
The last few weeks have seen us in discussion with staff and customers who have forward orders.
While we are no longer propagating stock for general purposes, we have plant material that will not be uplifted until April next year. If there are plants that can be propagated and uplifted within that time-frame we will be happy to take forward orders. The amount of notice required for such orders will depend on the species, but many will grow well though the summer months if propagated soon.
A deposit for such orders will be required, and a clear undertaking that the plants will be taken and paid for within the agreed time.

Interested in buying a nursery?
Our core staff are still keen to continue the work they love, so if there is anyone out there prepared to consider taking over the business, we are open to discussion. We are prepared to consider a sale of the business with the land being leased, or a sale of both land and business.
With other plant suppliers also closing, the opportunities are increasing – and with our reducing stock levels, the purchase value of the business is decreasing. What more could anyone want!

Finally, as always, we'd like to thank you all for your support.

Geoff and Bev Davidson
Oratia Native Plant Nursery
PS: Purchasers of gift vouchers in recent months have been made aware of the need to redeem these well before Christmas. If you know of anyone who has had vouchers sitting around for a while, please encourage them to redeem them as soon as possible.

Stock worth considering:

Certain lines are looking particularly good and are still available in bulk numbers.
Asplenium Maori Princess
Isachne globosa (swamp millet)
Microlaena stipoides
Ground covers
Acaena inermis
Leptostigma setulosa
Lobelia anceps
Both Phormium species
Astelia chathamica
Lots of Libertia, Cordyline and Nikau
Coprosma pedicellata
Coprosma propinqua
Fuchsia colensoi
Agathis australis
Dacrydium cupressinum
Dodonea viscosa
Metrosideros ‘Vibrance’ (in larger grades)
Prumnopitys taxifolia
Herbs and mosses
Apium prostratum
Rorippa laciniata
Sonchus kirkii
Some mosses
Rare and Endangered
Christella dentata
Clianthus puniceus
Cordyline Kaspar
Elingamita johnsonii
Lobelia ‘Woodhill’
Metrosideros carminea
Tecomanthe speciosa