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Plant purchases direct from this website are thriving. It is convenient, saves travelling to ONPN, and can be done 24/7. Here is the response of a recent client:

"Thank you very much. My cordylines arrived today :) I am very impressed with your prompt service and the quality of my new babies.

I will definitely order plants from you in the future.

Thanks again, Courtney"
Wendy John's photos

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 Submitted   Photo   Caption 
15/01/2011 Fuchsia excorticata
Submitted by Wendy John

Fuchshia excorticata flowers on Wairaka Stream (Oakley Creek tributary), Auckland
15/01/2011 Leptospermum scoparium
Submitted by Wendy John

Leptospermum scoparium seed pods.
15/01/2011 Dianella nigra
Submitted by Wendy John

Dianella nigra berries on Oakley Creek, Auckland
15/01/2011 Knightia excelsa
Submitted by Wendy John

Knightia excelsa flower, Harbutt Reserve, Oakley Creek catchment, Auckland
15/01/2011 Phormium tenax
Submitted by Wendy John

Phormium tenax flowers, Oakley Creek, Auckland
15/01/2011 Pittosporum crassifolium
Submitted by Wendy John

Pittosporum crassifolium flowers on Oakley Creek, Auckland
15/01/2011 Entelea arborescens
Submitted by Wendy John

Entelea arborescens flower, Oakley Creek, Auckland
15/01/2011 Libertia ixioides
Submitted by Wendy John

Libertia ixioides flower, Oakley Creek, Auckland
15/01/2011 Carpodetus serratus
Submitted by Wendy John

Carpodetus serratus seeds, on Oakley Creek, Auckland
15/01/2011 Pyrrosia eleagnifolia
Submitted by Wendy John

Pyrrosia eleagnifolia on old willow trunk, Oakley Creek, Auckland
15/01/2011 Laurelia novae-zelandiae
Submitted by Wendy John

Laurelia novae-zelandiae flowers, Oakley Creek, Aucklnad
15/01/2011 Laurelia novae-zelandiae
Submitted by Wendy John

Laurelia novae-zelandiae flower, Oakley Creek, Auckland
15/01/2011 Adiantum hispidulum
Submitted by Wendy John

Adiantum hispidulum, Oakley Creek, Auckland
15/01/2011 Doodia australis
Submitted by Wendy John

Doodia australis. Oakley Creek, Auckland
15/01/2011 Plagianthus regius
Submitted by Wendy John

Plagianthus regius in flower, Oakley Creek, Auckland
15/01/2011 Weinmannia racemosa
Submitted by Wendy John

Weinmannia racemosa, Te Urewera.
21/09/2011 Leptecophylla juniperina subsp. juniperina
Submitted by Wendy John
23/09/2011 Alseuosmia quercifolia
Submitted by Wendy John

Alseuosmia quercifolia, purchased from Oratia Native Plant Nursery
01/10/2012 Alseuosmia macrophylla
Submitted by Wendy John
10/10/2012 Melicytus ramiflorus subsp. ramiflorus
Submitted by Wendy John
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