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Arthropteris tenella

Oleandraceae (formerly Davalliaceae)

Polypodium filipes T.Moore; Polypodium tenellum G.Forst.

Common Name
Jointed fern.

Three Kings, North Island, South Island. Also found in Australia, Norfolk Island, New Caledonia.
Our stock is sourced from the Matuku Reserve in the Waitakere Ranges.

A rhizomatous fern, sparingly branched up to one metre or more long and 2 - 3 mm wide, densely clad brown subulate - attenuate paleae, stipites distant. Stipes 2 - 6 cm long, pale brown, more or less clad especially towards the base. Rachis usually with scattered paleae. Lamina 10 - 60 x 5 - 15 cm, membranace to sub coriac, dark green. Pinnae 3 - 8 x 5 - 10 mm. Sori of acrostichal forks in a single row on each side of costa near margins, 1 1.5 mm wide up to 40 pinna. Indusium absent or vestigial.

Plant in moist sheltered area in deep shade or dappled light. Can be grown as a ground cover or planted at the base of rocks or trees to grow as a slow climber. Slow-growing but very attractive, looks like a miniature Blechnum. Appreciates organic compost or mulch.

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