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Plant propagation
It is preferable to propagate plants by seeds rather than cuttings or by division. This ensures maximum genetic diversity is maintained.

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Baumea juncea


Cladium junceum R.Br.; Lepidosperma colensoi Boeck.; Machaerina juncea (R.Br.) Koyama

Common in North Island. Rare in South Island, Also found in Australia and New Caledonia. Found growing in swamps, salt marshes, damp sand, lake margins and dry coastal cliffs.

A far-spreading, dense clumping sedge to 1 m by 5 m or more wide. The leaves are glaucous, 2 - 3 mm wide, cylindrical and sharp pointed at the tips. Whether it's erect or not depends on where it grows; in exposed or wet places it tends to be erect and when it's sheltered it tends to flop. Seed are round, clustered, exposed, dark brown and 2.5 - 3 x 1.5 mm and smooth. Seed can be found most of the year round.

Prefers full sun in exposed or sheltered areas. Tolerates rich and poor soils, wet and dry conditions, salt spray and estuarine conditions. An attractive plant good for large gardens for its textural effect. Useful for stabilizing banks and erosion around waterways. Usually a plant that's a fast grower, used for revegetation jobs.

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