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Baumea rubiginosa


Found throughout the North Island. Less common in the South Island - Nelson, Westland, rare in Marlborough and Canterbury, Stewart Island and Chatham Island. Up to 900 m altitude. Also found in Australia, New Guinea, New Caledonia and South East Asia. Found in swampy places, lake margins and scrub land.

A far spreading sedge up to 1.5 m high by 5 m or more in width. Leaves green and terete, erect with sharp point at tips. Dense clumping. Flower heads erect and held high amongst foliage. The flower head is a panicle 8 - 35 cm long by 2 - 3 cm wide, dark brown, and segmented. Seed are usually long, smooth and bright orange.

Requires full sun or partial shade. Will tolerate wet and dry conditions, acidic and poor soils. Best in sheltered conditions. Can be grown in a garden for textural purposes but the garden needs to be large and well-maintained. Be aware that the foliage will flop over when it is old. Easy to grow and fast, good for stream sides to stop erosion.

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