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Wetland plants
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Ascarina lanceolata


Common Name
Kermadec Island Hutu.

Raoul Island, one of the Kermadec Islands.

Shrub to 6 - 8 m by 3- 4 m wide. The species is similar to Ascarina lucida but varies when the petiole is 1 cm longer, the leaf is slightly longer and narrower, the leaf tip is also more acute, the anthers are .5 cm longer. The branches are dark brown with a reddish tinge and waxy in appearance. The leaves are 1.5 x 3 - 4 cm. The flower spikes are about 3 cm long, drooping with insignificant flowers that later bear 4 mm long fruit that are white with purple stripes.

Requires dappled light, moist, fertile soil and a frost-free area. This species prefers warmth compared to Ascarina lucida which likes it cold, so this species will be more appropriate for northern gardens. It is attractive and fast-growing and is a threatened species. Rather tropical in appearance and yet to have its day of popularity. Also note that this species is listed in Flora as a variety but now is newly considered a species.


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