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Published articles

Articles have been written for a number of publications. These are listed for handy reference.

New Zealand Gardener

Puriri problems
Published August 2014



Weekend Gardener

Plant Parade - Rare and endangered plants
Reproduced from Weekend Gardener issue 366, June 27 - July 10, 2013.



Commercial Horticulture

August/September 2012  
Oratia Native Plants founders
looking for a new direction


The Fringe (formerly named the Titirangi Tatler)

December 2016 Leptospermum and Kunzea
November 2016 Prumnopitys ferruginea
October 2016 Earina species
Sepember 2016 Brachyglottis kirkii
August 2016 Cardiomanes reniforme
July 2016 Gahnia species
June 2016 Ixerba brexioides
May 2016 Rhabdothamnus solandri
April 2016 Doodia australis
March 2016 Dianella species
February 2016 Cordyline australis
December 2015 Quintinia serrata
November 2015 Microsorum pustulatum
October 2015 Dicksonia squarrosa
September 2015 Beilschmiedia tarairi
August 2015 Pseudopanax crassifolius
July 2015 Carmichaelia species
June 2015 Dysoxylum spectabile
May 2015 Ripogonum scandens
April 2015 Lygodium articulatum
March 2015 Collospermum hastatum
February 2015 Corokia species
December 2014 Coprosma propinqua
November 2014 Pterostylis orchids
October 2014 Mistletoes
September 2014 Coprosma grandifolia
August 2014 Coprosma robusta and Coprosma lucida
July 2014 Coprosma rhamnoides
June 2014 Geniostoma ligustrifolium var. ligustrifolium
May 2014 Myrsine australis
April 2014 Raukaua edgerleyi
March 2014 Rhopalostylis sapida
February 2014 Passiflora tetrandra
December 2013 Knightia excelsa
November 2013 Spring and what it means in West Auckland - Pennantia seedlings
October 2013 Ficinia (Desmoschoenus) spiralis and Spinifex sericeus
September 2013 Coastal restoration - Pingao and Spinifex
August 2013 Lepidium 
July 2013 Sicyos mawhai
June 2013 Rumex flexuosus and Rumex neglecta
May 2013 Myriophyllum
April 2013 Moths and Butterflies 3 (Gahnia)
March 2013 Moths and Butterflies 2 (Muehlenbeckia)
February 2013 Moths & Butterflies and the plants they depend on (Macropiper excelsum)
December 2012 Sonchus kirkii
November 2012 Rorippa divaricata and Rorippa laciniata
October 2012 Tetragonia tetragonioides
September 2012 Hebe bishopiana and Hebe obtusata
August 2012 Apodasmia similis
July 2012 Pisonia brunoniana
June 2012 Phormium
May 2012 Blechnum fluviatile
April 2012 Pseudowintera
March 2012 Elatostema rugosum
February 2012 Microlaena stipoides
December 2011 Clematis species
November 2011 English oaks and their epiphytes
October 2011 Vines - both a blessing and a curse
September 2011 Tecomanthe speciosa
August 2011 Metrosideros excelsa
July 2011 Muehlenbeckia ephedroides
June 2011 Dacrydium cupressinum
May 2011 Special Edition - no plant article
April 2011 Hebe stricta var. stricta
March 2011 Coprosma arborea
February 2011 Carpodetus serratus
December 2010 Hebe speciosa
November 2010 Libertia species
October 2010 Pomaderris kumeraho
September 2010 Macropiper excelsum
August 2010 Urtica species
July 2010 Pennantia baylisiana
June 2010 Metrosideros fulgens - climbing rata
May 2010 Coprosma areolata
April 2010 Melicytus species - mahoe and others
March 2010 Vitex lucens - puriri
February 2010 Lobelia angulata (syn. Pratia) - panakenake
December 2009 Machaerina sinclairii - pepepe, toetoe tuhara
November 2009 Dracophyllum species - neinei, inanga ("Dr Seuss tree")
October 2009 Clianthus species - kakabeak
September 2009 Sophora species - kowhai
August 2009 Libocedrus plumosa - kawaka
July 2009 Alseuosmia macrophylla - toropapa
June 2009 Hoheria populnea - houhere (lacebark)