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May 2011

What's News?

- Big trees on the move
- Photo of the month


Big trees on the move

We recently shifted four of our big 6-metre trees from their open-ground nursery at our home site, down the road, up the next road and down the drive to reach their new home on the opposite side of our creek – approximately 500m across the valley, as the tui flies! This little operation took a couple of days to complete but went seamlessly with a great result. And the customer’s property now looks like the trees have always been there.

For those wanting an instant effect, a large selection of pohutukawa and cabbage trees up to 6 metres tall is available, as are smaller numbers of various other species. When moved by reputable companies, these trees will happily transfer to a new home.

And now is the ideal time to do it. Contact us to arrange a time to choose your big trees.

Pohutukawa on the move   Pohutukawa on the move
Pohutukawa in their new home   Pohutukawa in their new home


Photo of the Month

From big trees to little ones - congratulations to Steve Rate for his winning photo of Brachyglottis sciadophila. A climbing Brachyglottis, this rare yellow flowering species is hard to grow in warmer places but is worth the effort. Plant near a shrub it can entwine. Cute, fast and hairy! (The Brachyglottis, that is - not Steve.)

Brachyglottis sciadophila

Remember, if you got a photo you'd like to share with us, we'd love to see it. Every month, we'll display a new feature photo on the front page of the website. If we choose yours, we'll send you a gift voucher worth $60!

To submit a photo, simply search for the relevant plant on our website, then click the "Share a photo" link. You can see previous winners here.


Hoping you and your gardens are doing well.

The Oratia Native Plant Nursery team.