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Unfortunately, Oratia Native Plant Nursery has now closed down. For further information, click here.

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May 2018

Many of you will be aware that our planned retirement last year failed to eventuate.
In fact, we even failed to maintain the reduced hours we began the year with. As customers continued to ask if contracted orders could be provided before mid-year, our staff increased their hours to cope – and never quite got to reduce them again when the planting season was over.
We did have what we took to be a serious proposal to purchase the nursery as a going concern, but regrettably, the potential purchasers failed to follow through.
Our current intention is to wind up the business by the end of winter.
In the meantime, our staff (being incurable plants-people) have continued to maintain our remaining stock, so while no serious propagation has taken place and stock levels have diminished, we still have many excellent lines available.
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The above stocklist includes our standard wholesale prices along with some further reductions. If you're a retail customer, just mention this email and you too can enjoy this pricing (plus GST). These are the plants we have in reasonable numbers, but there are many other species we have lesser numbers of. If anyone is interested in clearing a bulk order we are prepared to consider a reasonable offer.

Our website orders have continued steadily throughout the summer and many of our less common species are sold that way. For those of you who may have been considering a plant that is unavailable elsewhere, now is the time to purchase it. Head to and have a browse around.

Computer Meltdown:
Late last week, our office server packed a sad, and any emails sent to us did not get through. If you sent us a message that we haven't replied to, please resend it (our server is still away enjoying some TLC, but we've now got a temporary solution in place) or give us a call.

Opening Days 2018:
While our website and phone message list Monday, Tuesday and Saturday 9am - 4.30pm as the three working days when you can be sure to find someone at the nursery to help you, there are usually staff present on Wednesday and Thursday as well. However, it pays to check.
Friday and Sunday we remain closed unless by appointment.
Happy planting.
Geoff and Bev Davidson,
Oratia Native Plant Nursery
Phone 818 6467 (nursery) or 813 0229 (home)