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Muehlenbeckia complexa
Height: 5m;  Spread: 5m
Pohuehue (Vine)
Fast growing coastal vine. Can form dense springy mounds or will climb to 5m over other plants.
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Photo gallery:
..interesting comments about the species, but at close up there are worthy flower/fruit features.
..this twining plant is used effectively to create formal sculptures at the entrance of Ian Potters Childrens Garden at RMBG in Melb..
Growing tips:
On 28/03/2009, carolyn said:
DON'T grow it! If any plant should be classes as a noxious weed it's this one. It has taken over our boundary planting of tall trees, including tall cherries and mature lancewoods. It tangles through all the branches and spreads from one tree to the next until all you have is a tall tangled mess with dead trees in the middle. It is a true menace and should be banned from sale.
On 22/04/2009, Oratia Native Plant Nursery said:
Thanks for commenting, Carolyn. Like any plant in the wrong place it can be considered a weed. But it is an important sand dune plant providing habitat for native fauna, especially skinks. Talking of weeds, those cherry trees in your garden are potentially the worst weed in our forests as their seed germinates in shade and they outgrow native species.
On 29/10/2009, Bobbie Carroll said:
Muehlenbeckia is a fabulous plan to grow over fences, over ghastly concrete retaining walls and to hold banks. It is beautiful to the eye and great at inhibiting weeds. Just plant it in the right place! :-)
On 12/10/2010, Kate Loman-Smith said:
Lovely plant. BUT don't plant against a cavity brick home. We did. It grew through the ventilation gaps in the wall and out the fireplace inside!
On 06/12/2011, Graeme Humphreys said:
GROW IT! Food plant for our copper butterflies, and I'm getting some so it can ooze all over a suburban fence. Chopping it back every now and then will keep it from blocking traffic. A very useful and hardy beast.